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Academy of Construction and Design Student Testimonials "

"The world is moving toward technology and I want to be part of it…I want to discover new paths that would bring modern technology to parts of the world that do not have access.

— Steve Cheuko, Class of 2017

“The Academy has opened my eyes to a different world. I probably would have never thought about the construction industry. Being a part of the Academy has also introduced me to many people in the industry.”

— Taylor Herndon, Class of 2015

“My goal in life is not only to own a construction company but to participate in the work as well. Being able to do something with my own two hands and seeing what I created is an outstanding feeling to me.”

— Tremayne Chatman, Class of 2014

“I stayed involved in the Academy by taking part in the college and career prep sessions, the Solar Decathlon [competition with Team Capitol DC], the Cardozo renovation and other field trips. I experienced things that I never would have if I was not a part of [the Academy].”

— Thelma Leggett, Class of 2013

“I never realized that the Academy could open up opportunities to me. I learned so much about electrical work, and I installed 15 receptacles in the student-built house.”

— Cardell Torney, Class of 2012

“In the Academy of Construction and Design, I gained skills on using tools and building things, but nothing compares to the life tools that were given to me, including how to function and believe in myself.”

— Jeffrey Baker, Class of 2012

“The Academy tremendously impacted my goals and career decisions. It also made me [consider] people in need in my community, through the monthly field trips to the D.C. Habitat for Humanity [site] where we helped build affordable houses for low income families.”

— Ivan Ango, Class of 2010

“The things I learned at the Academy made me a better, stronger and wiser young woman, and I would not have been able to learn them anywhere else. Knowledge is a powerful thing in life that can make you become a better person.”

— Marie Ngo Mbock, Class of 2009 and Dreyfuss Scholarship winner

“Getting into the Academy was one of the most meaningful choices I have ever made. I learned many skills, had hands-on training and learned how to transform what I learned in class to serve others…”

— Freddy Possian, Class of 2009 and Dreyfuss Scholarship winner

“The Academy has made me confident that furthering my education is one of the best options I should take. I know that [what] matters is not how long I take to achieve my goals, but the fact that they should be achieved.”

— Flavio Fru Somanji, Class of 2010

“In learning about the construction and design field, I already knew the definition of an architect. During my summer internship, I learned the process for building houses. This work experience led to my decision to become a residential architect. I am really thankful for the opportunity to work on a job site.”

— Joshua Atkins, Class of 2010